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Rosie the Actress
Rosie Vela

In addition to her musical and modeling endeavors, Rosie Vela has acted in a three major motion pictures.

In 1980 she landed a role in "Heaven's Gate," a big-budget western set in late 19th century Wyoming. Rosie is shown prominently at the beginning of this film, playing a "beautiful girl" who catches the eye of Sheriff James Averill (Kris Kristofferson) during a college graduation ceremony. She also appears at the very end of this epic-length flick.

In the '90s, Rosie acted in two films: "The Two Jakes" and "Inside Edge." In the former, the sequel to "Chinatown" featuring Jack Nicholson, Rosie appears in two brief scenes as the girlfriend of Jack's character, Jake Gittes.

The latter film features Rosie in a starring role. She plays a nightclub singer who becomes involved with the cop (played by Michael Madsen) who wants to put her drug lord boyfriend out of business. Unfortunately, the producer saw fit to have Rosie's speaking parts overdubbed by an unknown actress. However, Rosie's night club scenes do indeed feature her singing voice.

In addition to appearing in films, Rosie has done a fair amount of work for television. Her first TV appearance was in a mid-'80s Michelob advertisement. In 1994 Rosie could be seen in a popular TV ad for Maybelline Revitalizing Makeup, and in 1998, she appeared in a TV commercial for the Cadillac Seville luxury sedan that featured her in several outdoor scenes.

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