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Rosie Vela

The following are links to other Internet resources which contain information about Rosie Vela or which may be of interest to Rosie fans:

  • Tomas Broberg's Tribute to Steely Dan page: Tomas has put together an excellent site on Steely Dan. In the discography section, on the page titled "Other Recordings of Steely Dan Interest," you'll find a link to musician credits for every song on "Zazu."

  • Rosie biography at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb): In addition to providing biographical information about Rosie, this site includes links to details about the major motion pictures in which she appeared.

  • The Muses: This Japanese web site (which includes pages dedicated to several female musicians) features information and a discography on Rosie Vela. However, unless your web browser is capable of displaying Kanji (and you are able to translate it), you won't be able to read what most of the site says.

  • Jim's Top Ten Music Lists: Want to see what rock/jazz artists your humble webmaster likes? Go here to see my top ten music lists.

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