Magic Smile - A Tribute to Rosie Vela

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Rosie the Model
Rosie Modeling for Virginia Slims

Rosie Vela has enjoyed an immensely successful modeling career over the years. Although her name may not be instantly recognizable to the public, her face certainly is.

Her career began rather unexpectedly during her college years. In 1973 some photos of Rosie that a fellow student took for a class project were brought to the attention of Kim Dawson modeling agency executives in Dallas. The execs were greatly impressed by Rosie's beauty and felt that she was instinctively natural in front the camera.

Soon thereafter the agency signed on Rosie and placed her photo on the cover of that year's Neiman Marcus catalog. After the death of her husband the following year, Rosie travelled to New York to pursue modeling full time. While living there she worked for the Wilhelmina and Ford modeling agencies.

Since Rosie first appeared in the Neiman Marcus catalog, her face has graced many a magazine page. In fact, she's made the cover of Vogue 14 times. Also, from 1988 to 1989 Rosie was seen quite a bit in Virginia Slims magazine ads (see the photo at the right). Most recently, Rosie has has appeared in several issues of More magazine, which is published by Ladies Home Journal.

In the mid '80s Rosie put her modeling career on hold to pursue her musical ambitions. This resulted in her first album, "Zazu," and an unreleased second album. After appearing in a 1993 Calvin Klein fashion show, Rosie resumed modeling on a more regular basis. Today Rosie lives in California, and she's represented by the Bryan Bantry modeling agency of New York.

Here are a few Rosie facts:

  • Hair - Strawberry Blonde
  • Eyes - Green
  • Height - 5' 8"
  • Birthday - December 18

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