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Rosie Sings With ELO on VW Commercial (updated 01/03/03)

On a recent Volkswagen commercial airing on US TV stations, Rosie can be heard singing background vocals on the ELO song "Mr. Blue Sky." This version of the song was apparently remade by ELO's Jeff Lynne for the TV commercial.

Rosie Performs with ELO at 2001 PBS Concert (updated 04/18/02)

On May 23 and 24, Rosie performed with Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) as the band played concerts at Public Broadcasting System (PBS) studios in Los Angeles, California. During the shows, Rosie sang backup and harmony vocals on ELO classics such as "Telephone Line" and on songs from ELO's latest album, "Zoom." PBS TV stations around the USA aired highlights from these shows during August, September, and October on a special program entitled "ELO - Zoom! In The Spotlight."

For those of you who didn't get to see Rosie sing with ELO during their PBS concerts - and for those of you who'd like to see the shows again - check out the "Electric Light Orchestra - Zoom Tour Live." This 99-minute release features 23 songs from those PBS shows and is available in both DVD and VHS formats. You can order it from many local music retailers and Internet music stores worldwide.

Rosie Joins ELO on VH1 "Storytellers" (updated 07/01)

On June 15, the USA VH1 cable TV channel broadcast Rosie Vela's first live performance as a member of ELO on the VH1 "Storytellers" program. This concert, which was taped on April 20 in New York City, was subsequently aired on June 19 and June 20 on VH1.

Here is a photo of Rosie (courtesy of Dave Andrejcak) taken after the show. To see more Rosie photos from the VH1 gig, visit Kimberly Provenzano's VH1 "Storytellers" Page.

Rosie Performs Live for First Time Since 1987 (updated 06/00)  

On May 17, 2000, Rosie Vela performed live for the first time since her "Zazu" tour in 1987. During a Julia Fordham concert at a club called Largo in Los Angeles, California, Rosie provided backing vocals on Julia's song "Happy Ever After." That night she also sang harmonies along with Julia and Judith Owen on Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush."

Rosie Interviewed on VH1 (updated 10/98)  

In October 1998 Rosie was featured on a VH1 cable television special about '80s supermodels entitled, "VH1's Where are They Now?" The five-minute segment on Rosie featured various modelling photos of Rosie, footage of her playing the piano and working in a recording studio with Jeff Lynne, and a voiceover biography. Rosie was also interviewed briefly. During the interview, she talked about her early modelling career and the death of her husband Jimmy. She also said that she's always happy as long as she has a piano or keyboard around. See the Audio & Video page to view a brief video clip from this special.

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